Celebrity Fashion Icons

Different celebrities can have a very distinctive style. Some more unique than others. For example, lately Harry Styles, his style has gotten creative. There are some celebrities that wear just simple things, and there are some celebrities that actually do try to put outfits together that look nice. Obviously I know that many celebrities have stylists and don’t choose all their outfits, but I just wanna tell you about who I think are some of the best dressed celebrities. I’ll be going through street style, events, and even concert looks. There is no order to who I think has the best fashion sense, its just a random order:)

  1. Vanessa Hudgens


Vanessa Hudgens street style can be completely different at times. Vanessa loves the bohemian look. In the 2nd photo her whole outfit is very bohemian. With the hat and the floral maxi skirt, creates a cute look. The black cropped tank top pulls everything together. In the 3rd photo, I’m obsessed with her shoes. The gladiator sandles are the cutest shoes ever. I know they are not as in anymore, but I need a pair for myself.


Vanessa Hudgens is known for her Coachella looks. She is definitely the person I will look for on social media around Coachella time, to see what she’s wearing. The first 2 photos are from Coachella 2014. I am obsessed with Vanessa’s blonde hair and the jewels on her face. In the 1st photo, all the jewelry ties her outfit together and makes the whole outfit pop even more. What I love about Vanessa’s Coachella looks, is that each year they are very different. And each year she goes for the same theme. The last photo is from Coachella 2017. This last Coachella she went for more of a “bad girl” image. The lace black crop top with the high wasted black shorts, work so well with the big silver belt around her waste. The whole outfit is tied together by her floral kimono that gives the outfit a bohemian edge.

2. Kendall Jenner


Kendall Jenner’s street style is very different from time to time. Kendall can be more on a casual side, for example the 3rd photo. Or more of a fancier look, like the 1st photo. When I found the 1st photo, I was just so surprised on the combination of clothing pieces and how Kendall can just pull it off so well. I know for a fact many others and myself could never pull of a fancy outfit like that, but then the shoes are sneakers. The main role of a fashion icon, is to be able to pull of some crazy combinations of clothing pieces, and Kendall can do that.


Just like her sisters, Kendall stands out at events. Definitely this years Met Gala shown in the first photo. She wasn’t wearing much but the dress was made out of 85,000 hand painted and placed crystals. The dress was unique and absolutely gorgeous. The other two event looks are so pretty as well. The 2nd photo was from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show in 2015. The material of the green dress is so pretty and I’m obsessed with it. The third picture is from an event Kendall went to in 2016. Again the material of the dress is gorgeous and I love the off white color. Over all Kendall stuns at events. There is never a dress she can’t pull off.

3. Blake Lively


I’m not going to lie, it was hard to find street outfits for Blake Lively. She is a very private person, so she isn’t seen a lot unless she is doing press, but also a lot of the photos were her from Gossip Girl, on the streets filming. And I couldn’t use those photos because she was dressed in her clothes for the show that a stylist picked out for her. But anyways, Blake always looks very cute and put together on the streets. In the Fall/Winter time, Blake a lot of the times is seen out in an oversized coat or trench coat. I love her coat in the 2nd photo and how she pairs the blue plaid scarf with it is cute.

"Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivalsblake-lively-ap


Blake Lively is famous for her dresses at the Met Gala. Every year I can’t wait to see the gorgeous dress she is wearing for the event. My favorite dress she has worn to the Met Gala is the 3rd picture. I love the color of the dress and it just compliments her so well. Also how cute are her and Ryan Reynolds? Couple goals! The other two dresses are gorgeous as well. The dress she wore in the 2nd photo is from this years Met Gala, and it was probably the most unique dresses she has worn over the years to the event. I love how the dress is gold, but as you go to the bottom of the dress, the gold transforms into the dark/light blue feathers. It was more of a unique dress for Blake and she definitely pulled it off.

4. Kate Middleton


It’s actually hard to find Kate Middleton these days in something that isn’t more on the fancy side. But there is times when you will see her out and about in a pair of jeans. What I like about her “street style” is that, it is very simple, but she can make it seem so chic.


Kate Middleton always dazzles at events. Of course everything she wears is more on the modest side because she is royalty. Everything she wears she can pull off with no complaints from anyone.


And of course I had to include this look! Her beautiful wedding dress from 2011. I remember being in 4th grade watching the wedding of Kate and William and being amazed of her wedding dress. This was definitely one of her iconic moments in fashion with her amazing Wedding dress.

5. Rihanna


Rihanna at times for sure can have more of a unique style, on and off the stage. She can pull off just about anything. Her outfit in the second picture really stood out to me. I just love the combination of more fancier pieces with the shirt and the heels. But to add a casual element to the outfit, the jeans tie the outfit together.

That is all for my Celebrity Fashion Icons. Overall this five women are able to pull off many different looks. That’s what makes a Fashion Icon. I love finding inspiration from celebrities in what stuff I would wear or try to pull off.


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