Beauty Products I would Never Purchase Again

There are a few beauty products that I have definitely wasted my money on, and I would never buy again. The majority of these products were not that expensive, so I’m not that upset. So here are a few products I would never purchase again.

  1. NYX Cream Highlight and Contour Palette.img_0586

I got this product at the NYX store in my mall. I was really excited to try it out because it is a cream highlight palette, but also because it is so cheap! It was only $10. But as soon as I came home and tried it, I did not like it. I decided I would eventually try it again. Maybe I was doing something wrong? I wasn’t really sure. Around a week later I decided to try and use it again. I still didn’t like it. The product would just not apply very well. I tried using a brush and I tried using my fingers. I just couldn’t apply much product to my face. The bronzer/contour shade was not dark enough. And the highlight colors would not appear on my face. It was like I wasn’t even wearing bronzer or highlighter. I would definitely never purchase this product again.

2. Revlon Lip Stick


I have heard mixed reviews on this lipstick but I really wanted to try it out. The one thing I didn’t like about this product, was the texture. It’s supposed to be a buttery lipstick, which it would be in the beginning, but then my lips would get extremely chapped from it.


The shade I got the lipstick in was 005 “Sugar Frosting”. It is supposed to be a very light pink/nude color. Honestly it didn’t look good at all. I think the best way to apply it would be with a little lip brush, to avoid putting to much product on your lips. But still my lips would get extremely chapped after using it.

3. Benefit High Beam


This product I am definitely the most upset with. I was really excited to buy this product. I was so let down when I started using it. If you don’t know what Benefit’s High Beam is, it is a liquid highlighter. I for sure thought the product was going to be amazing, because I love Benefit, and this little bottle of highlighter was $26. I was pretty confident that this highlighter was going to be good when I bought it. Before I bought it, I looked up reviews, and they were pretty mixed reviews. Some people said that it would’t show up to well and then some people said it was the best highlighter they have ever used. The first time I used it, I wasn’t sure how much to use. I applied 3 dots to the top of my cheek bones and it wasn’t enough. So I applied 2 more drops and I could see a little bit of a glow. I applied another drop and there was no difference. I was definitely let down a little bit, because when using liquid highlighter, you don’t want to apply to much, or it can look to cakey. The next time I used it I decided to apply as much as it takes to make me glow. Honestly I can’t even tell you how much product I used on each cheekbone. I would never repurchase this product again because it doesn’t work very well for the price you pay. If you saw my last blog post, then you probably saw that one of my favorite beauty products is the Anastasia Glow Kit. If you are ever looking for a highlighter, get that, it’s with the price.

4. Covergirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara


This mascara is obviously drugstore, so it is pretty cheap, but it did not impress me at all. I love using drugstore mascaras because they seem to always work. But this mascara made no difference to my eyelashes. The mascara did not add any volume to my lashes. The mascara was cheap, so I’m not that upset, but I would never purchase this again.

5. Maybelline “Master Conceal” Concealer


This concealer has been a product I have used off and on for the last 2 years. I have had phases where I like it, and phases where I hate it. In my opinion, I feel like this concealer works better on blemishes, than under eye circles. Also I would have to buy a new concealer every few months, because it would get so liquidy. If I used the concealer every day, I would probably be going through it faster, but I like to switch my concealers up. After finding a few different concealers that I like, I have decided, I wouldn’t buy this one again.


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